SERVA Webinar Unit II

SERVA Webinar: HPE System - The New Horizon Reloaded (English)

SERVA Webinar: HPE System - The New Horizon Reloaded (English)

Dr. Reiner Westermeier speaks about the horizontal HPE Electrophorese System and displays the possibilities of film-backed gels.

SERVA Webinar: Transfer Methods - Blotting Basics (Englisch)

Dr. Reiner Westermeier reflects the history of blotting and displays the most often used methods.

SERVA Webinar: It's Alive - The Need for Sample Preservation (English)

Mats Borén talks about the need of sample heat preservation prior to downstream processes and cryo storage using the Denator Stabilizer.

SERVA Webinar: Greetings from Outer Space: SERVALight Vega (English)

Dr. Judith Koch speaks about Western Blotting and the new highly sensitive HRP substrate SERVALight Vega

SERVA Webinar: Troubleshooting ECL Western Blot Detection (English)

Dr. Judith Koch speaks about the most common issues occuring in Western Blotting and how to avoid them.

SERVA Webinar: Revealing the Secrets in Handcasting Polyacrylamide Gels (English)

Günter Theßeling speaks about gel casting of polyacrylamide gels and talks about good hints.

SERVA Webinar: EPO Doping (English)

Günter Theßeling speaks about EPO doping and the possibilities of electrophoretic screening methods.

SERVA Webinar: Fluorescence for Everyone (English)

Günter Theßeling speaks about new possibilities of fluorescent dyes / lables and presents affordable imagers.

SERVA Webinar: Native Electrophoresis (English)

Dr. Judith Koch speaks about the different methods of native electrophoresis.

SERVA Webinar: Dialysis - The next generation (English)

Dr. Doris Fernholz speaks about dialysis basics and talks about new innovative methods.

SERVA Webinar: How to optimize your cell isolation with Collagenase NB (English)

Dr. Julia Saphoerster speaks about the right usage of Collagenase and presents possibilities for optimization.

SERVA Christmas Webinar: Maths in the Labs (English)

Dr. Marc Seidler speaks about the most common arithmetic questions in labs and displays their solution.



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