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CoolRack™- Optimal Sample Handling at any Temperature

CoolRack™ - Limited SERVA Edition

Sample integrity at any temperature for cooling, freezing and thawing

Through precision-engineering and a novel alloy construction the racks provide identical cooling/freezing/thawing rates for all samples.

No molecular changes and less degradation due to variations in freezing, snap-freezing and thawing profiles. Samples do not sink, soak, tip or get contaminated in the ice container




  • Special metal alloy for fast and exact temperature control of the samples using cooling / heating media (e.g. liquid nitrogen, dry ice, ice, water bath, heating block)
  • Stable and even temperature distribution
    (+/- 0.1 ° C per well)
  • No direct contact of the reaction vessels with
    cooling / heating medium
  • Autoclavable and heat sterilizable


  • Identical incubation conditions for all samples, e.g. in enzymatic reactions
  • The same freezing and thawing rates for all reaction vessels, no edge effects
  • No risk of contamination

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Product of the Month May:

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Product of the Month May:

CoolRack™-  Optimal Sample Handling at any Temperature

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