Dodecyl sulfate, Na-salt

Na-dodecyl sulfate (SDS) belongs to the most powerful solubilizers for integral membrane proteins.

SDS has the advantage of avoiding aggregation but mostly it causes denaturation of the membrane proteins. Some of the SDS-solubilized membrane proteins which are in a denatured state, e.g. a 5´-nucleotidase or a neuraminidase, have been successfully renatured.

Na-dodecyl sulfate is a potent fibrinolytic surfactant.

SDS is of  importance in the isolation of DNA without phenol extraction. It has also proved to be of value for the separation of virus proteins and double-stranded RNAs; an SDS-KCl precipitation allows a quick and selective separation by a single step.

Several protein assays may be improved by modification with Na-dodecyl sulfate.

Na-dodecyl sulfate is used preferently in polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis for the separation of proteins and peptides and is often applied to optimize chromatographic separations.

Synonyms: SDS, sodium lauryl sulfate

CAS registry number: [151-21-3]

Molecular formula: C12H25O4S . Na

Relative molecular mass (Mr): 288.4

Classification: Anionic surfactant

Literature specifications:
•    Critical micellar concentration (CMC): 8.1 mM
•    Aggregation number (Na): 60 - 62
•    Krafft point (TK): 9 °C
•    Hydrophilic-lipophilic balance (HLB): 40


Characterization and Determination of Enzymes

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Solubilization and Characterization of Photosystems/Photosynthesis Pigments

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Solubilization and Characterization of Various Proteins/Protein Complexes
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Protein Assays

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DNA Preparation/DNA Assays

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Immunological Determination Procedures

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Chromatographic and Electrophoretic Separations

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Further Applications

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